Logo of Surrey Landscaping with the text "Surreylandscaping" in lowercase black letters. To the left of the text, there is a stylized "S" composed of green, dark green, and orange leaf shapes. This design beautifully reflects the essence of Surrey Landscaping's commitment to nature.

Landscaping Services

Transforming Surrey and nearby regions by crafting timeless backyard landscaping retreats with stone and serenity.

Design and Construction

We offer tree, shrub, and flower installation, along with sod and seeding services. Additionally, we provide mulch, decorative rock, and paving stone pathway installation. Our expertise extends to final grading and yard preparation for a complete landscape construction solution.

A gardener wearing an orange shirt, green overalls, and an orange cap is working in a lush garden maintained by Surrey Landscaping. He is placing debris into a container attached to a wheeled trash bin lined with a black garbage bag. The background features various plants and trees.

Landscape Lighting Installation

Illuminate your outdoor space with our stunning landscape lighting solutions. Our team specializes in designing and installing custom lighting systems that highlight architectural features, pathways, and foliage, adding ambiance and safety to your backyard retreat. Let us help you create an enchanting outdoor atmosphere that can be enjoyed day and night.

A well-lit stone garden path by Surrey Landscaping features a glowing pathway light, neatly trimmed bushes, grasses, and other greenery. A set of stone steps is on the left, leading to an upper garden level. The lush lawn to the right adds to the serene ambiance.

Stone Masonry Installation

Elevate your outdoor space with our expert stone masonry services, crafting timeless features such as pathways, retaining walls, and fire pits. Our skilled artisans meticulously select and lay each stone, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal that lasts for years to come.

A stone pathway leads upwards through a lush, green forested area expertly crafted by Surrey Landscaping. The path is bordered by various green plants and small pink flowers. Sunlight filters gently through the trees, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere.

Patio Construction

Create the perfect outdoor gathering spot with our custom patio construction services. Whether you envision a cozy retreat for intimate gatherings or a spacious area for entertaining guests, our skilled craftsmen will design and build a patio that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

A serene garden with a modern gazebo featuring a metal frame and wooden roof, designed by Surrey Landscaping. The area is surrounded by lush greenery, including trees, shrubs, and well-manicured grass. Stone steps lead up to the gazebo, adding a neat, structured look to the space.

Garden Bed Installation

Enhance the beauty of your backyard landscape with our professionally installed garden beds. Our experts carefully plan and execute each garden bed installation, selecting the right plants and materials to complement your existing landscape and create a vibrant and inviting outdoor environment.

A scenic park featuring a lush green lawn, vibrant flowering bushes in various colors, and tall trees in the background, expertly designed by Surrey Landscaping. A few people can be seen walking through the park, enjoying the natural beauty under a bright, clear sky.

Backyard Redesign

Reimagine your backyard oasis with our tailored redesign services. From initial concept to final installation, our team works closely with you to create a personalized outdoor retreat that reflects your style and enhances your lifestyle. Let us transform your backyard into a functional and inviting space for relaxation and entertainment.

A serene backyard designed by Surrey Landscaping features a swimming pool surrounded by lush tropical plants and palms. Wooden lounge chairs with cushions are arranged on the grass beside the pool, and a stone pathway winds through the greenery. The sky is clear and blue.

Water Feature Installation

Bring tranquility to your backyard with our exquisite water feature installations. From serene fountains to cascading waterfalls, our skilled craftsmen will design and build a custom water feature that transforms your outdoor space into a peaceful sanctuary. Let the soothing sound of flowing water enhance your relaxation and enjoyment of your backyard oasis.

A garden with a stone water basin on the left and several water jets arching into a rectangular pond. The background, complete with greenery, showcases neatly trimmed hedges and plants alongside some bare, vine-covered walls. Crafted with the expertise of Surrey Landscaping, every detail exudes elegance.
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